b. 1986
lives and works in the San Fernando Valley



No matter the amount of veils used to portray wholesomeness, there will always be an underbelly of something far more sinister at work.

It’s a feeling.

Like a Miss Universe contestant gunning for the crown but instead gets a second place bouquet. Failing to reach the most ideal version of you--the purest form of you. And worst yet, doing so publicly. It’s failure at it’s best.

Judgment is compartmentalized into an array of categories when it comes to the American female body. Identities are formed and driven by unrealistic expectations of desirability. One such category is fatness. Conditioned into believing fat bodies are not desirable, I lost ownership of myself. 

Self-loathing was the goal. 

However, there is power in the realization that one’s own body is an act of revolution. The fat body is a contradiction that is both repulsive and fetishized. It is considered an “other,” a monstrosity that should be cautioned against or as a sexual curiosity for a select few. My art practice uses my physical identity to bring about not only visibility but also to question this contradiction.